It's easy to put up a website these days. Create a blog in under 5 minutes at (or if you want terrible SEO, a wix site).

But if you want a professional presence... if you want a creative, intentional space on the Internet, you need a real, well-executed, custom-designed website by One Part Scissors.

A One Part Scissors website is built on cutting-edge technologies, allowing you access to easily keep your website up-to-date with fresh content using a content management system like Drupal or Wordpress. Your website and social media spaces should all be unified with a single branded message.


How we work

  1. We discuss your requirements.
    This could be a face-to-face meeting, a Skype or phone call, or simply a few quick emails.
  2. We quote you. 
    Depending on the complexity of the project, at this stage we might need to provide some initial ideas on the direction we recommend taking. (When you approve this, 50% of the quote is due). Your quote might be a once-off set fee, or if the project is more complex, we might require a longer term retainer-based arrangement to realize your goal - we will advise you on the most effective way to complete your project excellently.
  3. We present a concept. 
    At this point, we will provide a PDF concept of the website, which will show the visual direction we recommend taking. It will show you 2 or 3 key pages. We discuss this concept with you and make refinements and changes based on your feedback. 
  4. We begin to build. 
    At this point we will begin building the website based on the approved concept. This will be on a staging site, and we will send preview links for you to review progress.
  5. We present a working site preview. 
    This will be the website presented on a staging website for you to browse through. The concept is already approved at this stage, so you're not going to be changing the look-and-feel or direction of the site at this stage - you are going to be giving feedback on specifics and details. Some aspects can't be communicated in a static PDF in step 3, and these are the items to discuss at this point - animations, transitions, and other page-layout issues that may have arisen.
  6. We go live. 
    After edits based on yoiur feedback from step 5, the website is ready to go live. We will take it live for the world to see. (The remaining 50% of the fee is due before the site goes live)
  7. Marketing. 
    More than ever, a website can't be put up and left there. There's over 100 billion websites out there; you need a plan to get people to your site. SEO, online advertising, social media, print advertising - we can advise you and put together a marketing plan to get 'feet through the door' of your new website based on the budget you'd like to assign to this crucial aspect.


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Although we ensure the websites we build for our clients are compatible with all browsers, we like to push the envelope on our own website. So we've made the decision to make use of a design that looks amazing in all browsers... except Internet Explorer. If you're still using IE, you need to change - the web has moved on from Internet Explorer, and you will get a safer, faster, and more enjoyable experience out of the Internet if you use anything other than IE. Have a look at to choose a new browser. We recommend Google Chrome and Firefox.

(PS: Microsoft is working on a new web browser, and we're all holding thumbs that it will follow the web standards and display the web like everyone else does... correctly.)