Andrew Brough Adverts

Andrew Brough Communications Negotiation

One Part Scissors has created a range of half-page adverts for Andrew Brough Communications, to be featured in various trade journals and industry publications, such as Sales Guru, SA Conference Directory, and The Journal of Marketing. The adverts will in most cases run below an editorial written by Andy.

In Sales Guru, for example, Andy will discuss how sales skills and negotiation skills should be employed to get the best 'win-win' result. As the adverts will run in conjunction with an article that allows for greater discussion around the various offerings of Andrew Brough Communications, the adverts themselves have the single goal of building the Brand and connecting the Brand to the writer of the article. We used the same photo of Andy in both the advert and the article to tie them together, and the style and branding of the adverts tie closely back to the website and the rest of Andy's corporate communications.

The trade journals and publications the adverts are running in are characterized by extremely busy pages, with many of the adverts being loud, busy and chaotic. We sought to create some visual space and rest of the reader, which will allow the adverts to stand out, with their strong blue colours and plenty of open space.

This visual oasis in the middle of the magazine will attract attention more than many of the 'attention getting' devices used in the competitor's adverts. OPS is currently also at work on some minor tweaks to that will make the content more accessible in more ways.

Andrew Brough Communications Negotiation

Negotiation Skills Advert

Andrew Brough Communications Leadership

Leadership Skills Advert

Andrew Brough Communications Teamwork

Teamwork Advert

Andrew Brough Communications Sales

Sales Training Advert

Andrew Brough Communications Brand Message

Equipping for Excellence Brand Message

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