Citi-Con Corporate Identity


One Part Scissors has just completed the logo design for Citi-Con Service Citi-Con Services undertakes the rejuvenation of buildings in city centres. This involves refurbishing the buildings and renewing the work environment. Some providers of these services carry out their work in a very distruptive and messy fashion, but Citi-Con seeks to do the work with a minimal impact on the environment and the workplace they are refurbishing.

Citi-Con consulted Andrew Brough Communications to establish the direction for the newly formed company's brand. The outcome of this process was that the brand had to exudes a cleanliness, best described by a doctor's hand in it's glove - representing the almost surgical approach to it's work. One Part Scissors has created a brand that represents these values, while keeping the logo extremely minimal and easy to read from great distances away, and the strong eco-friendly focus of the brand is communicated by the brilliant green colours.

OPS is continuing the work of establishing the brand, with website and brochures already underway.

Citi-Con Business Cards

Business Cards



Citi-Con Signage

Signage Boards will be placed outside the sites of Citi-Con projects, and will remain in place for up to 6 months after the project's completion.


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